Friday, March 20

Playing Catch Up

Where to start? So much has happened since we last posted. We went back to Oregon for a wedding. Came back. Have been trying to catch up on work, sleep, and everything else. Two full 24 hour travel days definitely did a number on us. Steph is just getting over a nasty bout with the flu that she caught just 2 days after being back. Our puppy is just starting to forgive us for leaving her for so long. The weather is starting to turn and the days are starting to get longer. The morning walks with Jersey not quite as cold and dark. Our amazing students actually acted happy to see us come back and I'm trying to keep my eyes open after staying up all night watching March Madness tournament games that are 5-8 hours behind (GO ZAGS!).

The wedding was great. It was good to be there for a full week so we could really help. I realized how hard and challenging planning/setting up a wedding really is. Why you ask considering you're already married? Well, mine happened to be planned from 2500 miles away. Fellas, its the best way to do it if you can get away with it. The ceremony was graceful and beautiful minus a certain rap performed by a certain maid of honor. A rap that might have been the evening's highlight.

Its good to be back. We missed this place, which is a good sign. It was very sad to say goodbye to family, but the departure sting was numbed slightly by the knowledge that the Reedals will be coming in July for two weeks! The year is starting to ramp up. Spring break is a week away and Graduation will be upon us after that. The thought of saying goodbye is just starting to present itself. Refuse to discuss it more then that for the time being.

Steph and I will be flying to Dublin, Ireland for three days to celebrate our 2 year anniversary. That's right all you doubters. We made it two years. Surprisingly, it appears as if the drugs I gave her to make her fall in love with me haven't quite worn off yet. Any day now I'm sure. We'll then be driving with some couple friends of ours to Prague for 5 days. Other then that our break should be a bit more restful then it has been.

Spiritually things are going. I continue to look for consistency with my time with God. I'm reading a new book titled Spiritual Classics edited by Richard Foster. Very good. I recommend looking into it. I also continue to pray that God will bless and have his hand on my interactions with my small group guys. We're becoming much closer as a group, but I still hope they will develop a desire to learn and grow in their relationships with God.

Financially, we've been blessed. As you can see above we continue to make progress toward our short term goal to raise funds necessary to keep us here the rest of the year. It is our longer term vision to bolster our monthly support base and our time in Oregon was beneficial towards furthering that message. Our family and friends overwhelmed us with generosity. Reducing us to tears at times. There are different moments in life when the outpouring of love is just a bit too much to understand. Its in those moments we truly see God's love and provision. I believe Oregon was one of those moment. We're not quite there yet, but our faith in God's sovereignty is strengthened.

To all those thinking, praying, supporting, and loving us. We again thank you and miss you. Now more then ever.