Thursday, December 2

December Snow and Fun

 The girls all dressed up for Christmas Banquet

Thanksgiving feast 

Two of our beautiful and talented seniors 

Kandern SNOW 

Christmas cookie frosting

The past two weeks have been full of holiday activities. The gray skies and constant flurries of snow have added to the excitement of the last couple weeks of school. Two weekends ago, Wittlingen dorm hosted an open house. The girls dressed like movie stars and enjoyed a Hollywood themed night. This past Tuesday, the dorm celebrated American Thanksgiving, complete with turkey, stuffing and pies. It was great to have a family celebration as a dorm. This past Saturday the girls attended their formal Christmas banquet. It was a Masque ball theme, so there was some serious make-up and hair preparation all day on Saturday. The girls looked beautiful!

On Sunday one of our girls came home from the hospital after a successful knee surgery. She is recovering well and just doing good all around. We are so glad to have her back in the dorm! Also, basketball season started! Our one basketball player has been working hard, and we are looking forward to cheering her on this Friday, at the first home game! On Tuesday after school, the girls came home and decorated our Christmas tree and made cut out frosted sugar cookies. They are enjoying all of the holiday activities, and are looking forward to Christmas break as well. 

We are preparing the girls for beginning the study process this week for their semester exams. For some, this is a brand new endeavor and we are walking through it with them to adequately prepare them for the next two weeks. ! The last thing the girls want to do right now is study more than they already are, but at BFA these exams weigh heavily 10-20% of their overall semester grade. 

The snow in Kandern has helped lift everyones spirits. We've had impromptu sledding sessions and snowball fights. This Saturday we're planning on driving up the hill to a higher sledding spot and having hot chocolate afterwards. Everyone is ready for Christmas break and for studying to be over, we are trying our best to get through the next few weeks with as much joy as possible!