Sunday, March 21

The week before spring break...

A few highlights from the week and weekend:
- This past week was the 2010 Music Festival. The week is filled with nervous musicians who have practiced countless hours and perform by memory in front of a judge. In Palmgarten alone we had 4 piano performers, 2 strings performances and 2 vocal performances. Out of the 8 performances, Julia, Krista and Rachel were chosen to perform in the Honors Recital which took place on Friday evening.

- The juniors turned in their final poetry project this week. It was an intense art studio in the dining area with the girls working on the creative element to their projects.

- Soccer tryouts concluded this week and we have 7 girls who made the soccer team, 2 who are going to be managers, and one videographer! Yes, that means 10 girls gone on away games. This weekend was their first game of the season against Bamberg and they won 4 to 0! Palmgarten's own Rachel scored one of the goals.

- Track practices started up as well. We have two girls competing this season and one who is helping manage three days a week. Track did not compete this weekend, but will start up with a home match when we get back from spring break.

- For the 9 girls left in the dorm, we tried to plan an eventful weekend. Friday was gorgeous outside, a nice break from the rain and snow. A few girls went to support the Honors Recital and then we had a campfire cookout with our dorm and Maugenhard. Saturday was a low key morning with waffles, eggs and sausages! A few girls went to the thermal baths with Lizzy and a few girls went with me to a volleyball championship. A teacher volunteered her home for students to watch Sherlock Holmes, so most of the girls went to see that to end the Saturday night. Sunday we are planning on dying eggs for Easter and having an Easter Egg Hunt later on in the evening.

Saturday, March 6

I can't believe it's March 6th!

Polishing off a strawberry pie from the birthday girl

The girls after our Valentine's Dinner

Cooking LOTS of pasta

Sadie Hawkins dance: teaching the students a few Scottish dances in pairs

Happy ladies after buying chocolate in Brussels

Emily and Katey working the pancake breakfast fundraiser for Haiti

Our one basketball player at her last senior game with her parents

Students getting ready to usher in the varsity basketball team

Sledding on the golf course behind our dorm

For those of you who receive our newsletter, you know that the past two months have been filled with activity! These are just a few of the pictures from the past two months. We just had a weekend off in Brussels with two good friends. It was very refreshing, and we had a great time driving up there. The girls are at High School Retreat right now, they will arrive back tomorrow evening. We're hoping that they've had a great weekend with a new speaker, skiing and late nights!