Sunday, September 6

Finally, a moment to blog!

Our staff at Palmgarten! Lizzy, Luke, me and Bonnie. We are blessed.

We are two weeks into our first year as dorm parents and so far.....we love it! We spent the last two weeks before the students got back renovating a storage room into a tv room. When we first saw it, it was stacked floor to ceiling with furniture that we had to move out and into the dorm. We then painted the walls, put in new carpet, installed lights, and moved the furniture around. The finishing touch was the 42 inch tv that Luke's parents donated to the dorm! The girls LOVED the finished product.

Since they have arrived we continue to learn how to grocery shop for 23, how to cook for 23, how to communicate with 19 sets of parents, how to adjust to staying up until midnight again, how to be creative in planning events, and how to balance life in general. I went for a walk with one of the girls and she asked me what the hardest thing was about moving into the dorm. I had to think about it for a second, and then decided that it is the realization that I have 19 people watching all my actions and words. It's a big responsibility and everyday I am realizing how I am being spurred on towards holiness. You can't fake an everyday, genuine relationship with the Lord. They see through inconsistency, but they also have amazing capacity for grace and love. I am learning and loving.