Sunday, June 21

PFO in Houghton

We made the 5 hour drive yesterday to Houghton, NY from New Jersey. Instantly we met people who drove from Atlanta so it made us feel much better about our short drive. We settled into our dorm room that we will reside in for the next two weeks and I am sitting here writing from a nostalgic dorm desk. Everything so far is reminding us of our first orientation with Janz Team Ministries in Winnipeg last year. You come to an unknown place, with unknown people and you have to make a community for a couple weeks. Luke and I are both thankful that we are going through this training after being at BFA for a year. I think we are taking this more seriously than we might have if we had it last year. The schedule looks packed, but filled with great information. We found out our small group leader is Evan Evans, a family friend and one of the reasons we are at BFA. We head to our first session at 3pm. Thank you to everyone who is praying over this time. We had a tremendous time being with family in New Jersey and connecting with all of our faithful supporters.  I am hoping it will be productive and fruitful! 
Luke, Ryan and Landis at our favorite pizza place in the city. 

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