Monday, August 2

A new school year 2010-2011

East Coast: The Welbourn's

West Coast: The Reedal's and two Welbourn's

Luke and I just arrived back in beautiful Kandern, Germany. We spent a wonderful 7 weeks in the states visiting family, churches and supporters. It went by a little too fast, but as we were flying into Basel we realized how excited we were to be back for a third year at BFA. This is the first year of our marriage that we haven't moved or changed jobs and THAT feels really great! On Sunday we started up with our resident life orientation. We were able to meet most of the new staff that will be working in the dorms and it is such a great group of people. We won't know who our new RA will be for quite a few more days so if you are reading this, you can pray for wisdom in that decision. Hopefully in the next few days we will find out how many girls and who we will have as well. There are a lot of unknowns, but we feel more confident going into our second year. The summer was such a good time for feeling all the support and prayers of all our friends and families back home. Thank you to everyone who made us feel so loved and cared for!

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Priscilla Welbourn said...

We are praying for you, almost constantly. I know that the Lord has an amazing year set out before you! Just BE READY. WATCH for HIS hand. May you feel His presence at all times and know His peace. Love you more than you can imagine,