Friday, July 11

Looking Forward to Growth

For all of you who have been following this journey you know that I have not been 100% sure of what my job will be once we get to Black Forest Academy. Today, I was officially offered the position of Resource Room Teacher! I had a informative and encouraging phone conversation with the current head of the Special Service Department at BFA. From the job description she gave me the role will be extremely challenging for me but I think it will also partner with some strengths I have. BFA is excellent academically and has a reputation for challenging their students. I will be working with students on the other end of the spectrum who need some extra attention and encouragement to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses in the learning process. Part of my job will be to partner with parents, teachers and other staff to refer the students who could benefit from this resource. The other piece will be assessing the students learning styles and working with them to develop study skills, test taking skills, memory strategies...etc. My favorite part is that I get to work with students one on one and to pray for them while encouraging them throughout the school year! In all honesty the position was very intimidating to me at first and then I remembered that this is not about me, but about Christ working through me. I know I will need to immerse myself in the capable team already in place and have a teachable spirit. If you have any words of wisdom or resources to pass my way- I can use everything I can get!!!
In His Grace,

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Vernon Bowen said...

Steph~ your role sounds very cool. I am excited for you. If you are ever free though I might make you teach volleyball in PE. :)

What percentage are ya'll at this week? We are trying to remain positive and have faith, but there is a good chance we will miss Orienation.

Only God knows. ;)
~ Leigh