Wednesday, August 27

Getting Settled

This is our first post from Germany. Its been almost a week and so we need to apologize for the delay! It hasn't been intentional. We're still in the midst of getting things set up, which includes our internet access, and have not really had the opportunity. We promise this will be the exception.

Its hard to believe its been almost a week since we landed on the ground in Basel, Switzerland. Our host was at the airport and was a welcoming sight after the long plane ride. Save the fact one of our bags got lost in the stop over in Munich it was a pretty smooth journey. The good-bye, on the other hand, in Newark was a bit tougher. It was a bitter sweet experience. It made me realize in a new way how much I really love my family, and even more, how much they truly love me.

The past week has been packed. We really haven't had time to stop and are looking forward to the upcoming weekend where we'll be able to catch up on some much needed sleep. The jet lag hasn't been too bad. In fact, being sore from a night of basketball was more of hindrance to my sleep pattern then the time change was. I know, that doesn't say much for how in shape I am. The fact they title Monday night basketball as "Geezer Ball" doesn't say much either.

Looking back I can't even remember all we've had to do. Its all included registering at the townhall, starting our visa process, 3 trips to IKEA and one planned for the near future, shopping for a car, buying a car, getting insurance for that car, getting that car registered, shopping for for furniture, moving furniture (up three flights of stairs), starting our jobs, registering for utilities, and 50 other things I'm forgetting.

There have been a few frustrations and delays. We're learning and doing almost everything from scratch. There is an obvious language barrier. This time has absolutely been a lesson in flexibility and patience.

In the midst of it all one constant has emerged. Rarely a day goes by Stephanie and I don't look at one another and communicate how blessed we feel to be here. Its pretty much intangible at the moment. We don't have any hard evidence, but we feel joy in being here and that excites us.

The people and our host family in particular have been unbelievable. Almost not human. Their patience with us and sacrifice of time and resources is a testament to the work God has done through them and in them. There is so much we will be able to learn here about how God wanted us to act as a community.

The area is absolutely beautiful and while Steph and Myself haven't been able to get out and explore too much. We look forward to, once we're able to take possession of our car, get out and familarize ourselves with this new place. It seems like every five miles there is another town pulled right out of a story book.

We thank everyone for they're prayers. Please continue to lift us up. Pray for our time with God as that has been a challenge with everything we have on our plates. Also, please pray for our transition in our jobs. Its new and exciting, but is going to take some time to learn. Please pray for our patience.

We enjoy hearing from you so please don't hesitate to email us with updates.


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the fordices said...

Yeah!! You guys made it! Thanks for blogging it up! Did school start this week? We will continue to pray for you guys as you adjust to life in storybook land. I am sure there are days of pure bliss and then days of "what the heck did we just do?". I believe this is going to be such growing and rewarding time for you guys!

Sending our love from PDX!

the fordices