Sunday, August 17

We planned...God laughed.

The day finally came where we received word that we could buy our tickets to Germany! Since we anticipated leaving August 10th, this past week has been one in a waiting room. As the week began we were doing everything we could think of to get ourselves more prepared and to call everyone we hadn't touched base with. As the days passed and we were still kept waiting, it began to be apparent that God had more in mind for this time than we bargained for. I must say that Luke caught on much more quickly to what the Lord was teaching him during this time, but it was more of a struggle for me to catch on to this 'divine plan.' A wise and wonderfully joyful person said to me at church today, "We can either be flexible for the Lord or he'll break us," and I chose the route to be broken. Hopefully next time I'll smarten up:-) Without going into tremendous detail I just wanted to convey that this extra time we've had in New Jersey has been one full of blessings, surprises and growth. I'm blown away everyday by what this journey has brought into our lives and I continue to learn from all those around me. Thank you for your prayers during this time, I can feel His protection and guidance on us. We will be leaving Tuesday night and will have limited internet until we get our apartment hooked up which could take a couple weeks. We promise to update everyone as soon as this happens! In the meantime, please be praying for our flight over and our transition into the school and culture. (i.e. getting settled into our apartment, getting updated from orientation, finding a car and getting insurance, getting settled into our jobs quickly because students come August 24th!).
In His Grace,

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