Friday, April 17

Our spring break was filled with sunshine, friends near and far, and beautiful places to see. We had a truly relaxing time breaking away from school life for a couple weeks and enjoying the scenery. Luke and I spent the first weekend in Dublin to get away for our 2nd anniversary. I loved traveling to an English speaking country where I was able to get around so easily! We then drove to Prague with our good friends Adam and Laura. For our second week of break we meshed together our worlds from the US here in Europe by seeing two sets of good friends from the states. It was amazing catching up and hearing where they are at in life and what is ahead for them. We are back at school and loving seeing all the students again. There is nothing like BFA!

Our friends Tim, Rachel and Blaine came to visit us for four days. They are serving as missionaries in France and are currently in language school. We had such a great time connecting with them and hanging out with Blaine who is a talkative little man now!

Jersey had a great time over spring break too! She spent a week with one of our friends, Timmy, who is like the dog whisperer. She was spoiled with love and affection!

Bohemia Bagel is an expatriates best friend. In Prague we loved many meals we had in the city, but nothing could compare to a western style bagel with egg and cheese. Yum! We even brought some home to put in our freezer!

This is the scenery of Prague at night.

Luke and I on the Charles Bridge making the trek across.

In front of Trinity College. We were able to see the Book of Kells and the Old Library. Fascinating!

This is taken in front of St. Stephens Green in Dublin.

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