Friday, November 20

Swine Flu, The Play and Thanksgiving

Well, this has been an eventful past two weeks. Starting two weeks ago we had quite a few girls home sick. The school ended up confirming that we had cases of H1N1 and closing down the school for a few days. The play was scheduled last weekend so everyone in the audience had to wear masks! We had two girls involved in the play and we were grateful to see their hard work not go to waste. Luke and I had our last weekend off before Christmas break and we went to visit Tim and Rachel Meier in Toulouse. It was great for us to see friends and they have Dominoes pizza with cheesy bread =) We got back to the dorm and immediately started prepping for our dorm Thanksgiving. All the dorms have their Thanksgivings on the Thursday before so we can invite the families that sub in our dorms. I have never cooked an entire Thanksgiving meal before and had loads of help pulling off the 36 person production. In the end it was a tasty night with amazing fellowship. We are leaving today for our dorm retreat. We will have 2 days away with no internet or tv with the girls. We're hoping for snow since we're taking them to a missionary camp house in the Alps. It should be a great change of scenery from them being cooped up and isolated in the dorm for the past week and a half!

Brandon and Lizzy at the play in their mandatory masks

Rachel was a Brooklyn diva in the play- she was amazing!

The girls before their game of muddy tackle football

Thanksgiving place settings

The ENTIRE oven was filled with Thanksgiving food!

The final product layed out before everyone feasted

Waiting patiently to get food

The aftermath of the food set in quickly- rolling around on the floor

All of our wonderful dorm girls!

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