Thursday, October 29


Every Sunday evening we have "Dorm Fellowship" which is usually a time where we come together and regroup spiritually as a dorm. The past few Sunday's we had serious dorm fellowships so we wanted to lighten it up a bit and let the girls have some bonding time. Luke came up with the idea of a bake off. We put the girls in teams of 4 and they each gave us their ingredient lists. We told them the only parameters is that they had to be done by 8:30 on Sunday evening with presentation in hand. We "flew in" three judges (from three different parts of town) and told them there would be three awards handed out: Best in Show, Presentation and Taste. They had a blast and it was a really great night for the dorm!

Emily and Krystal mixing their hot fudge in the kitchen

This yummy dessert won best in show

The very prestigious judges (naturally Luke wanted in on the judging action!)

These are the three trophies we made

The winning teams happy dance when we announced the results


M.E. said...

LOVE the trophies! super cool.

Laura said...

oh, do I have a new dessert for you guys... cake dips. Cake, mixed with frosting, rolled in a ball and dipped in chocolate. sprinkles optional. I made them for Adam's birthday. Luke totally would have devoured them all! Miss you.