Sunday, October 4

The last 6 weeks...

The seniors and juniors in our dorm are on their class trips this week, which means we have only two girls left in the dorm! It has given us a chance to connect with the two individually, but also to catch up on some much needed blogging and a new newsletter soon to be sent out. Here are a few photos from the last few weeks of events!

This is our new tv room that we spent a couple weeks remodeling this summer. It used to be a storage closet and we installed new carpet, painted, and rearranged!

We have dorm fellowship every Sunday night. On this one we went up to a fire pit and made s'mores, then worshipped around the campfire.

The whole dorm dressed up for Fall Party. The theme was opposites. We had "fit and fat", "baby and grandma", "coke and pepsi"...etc.
This is "fit and fat"- they won the award for best dressed.

The seniors came up with some new birthday traditions this year. This is a picture of them passing the birthday pillow with the present on it as they play a song for the birthday girl.

The boys dorms decided to have a Rugby match and our girls had a cheer off with another girls dorm. They definitely won!

The school added high school intramurals this year which the girls love. Our dorm is extremely talented in sports, but many girls have to choose which sport they love the most because it costs their parents money per sport.

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