Sunday, October 25

There are good pumpkins....and bad pumpkins...

Last weekend the dorm was invited to HBR (a boys dorm) to carve pumpkins. They asked us to bring 14 pumpkins to split between 47 guys and girls in teams. The girls had a great time and a few of our girls were even part of the top three prize teams. After lots of hot chocolate, spiced cider, delicious applesauce cake and peach crisp- we went to their rec room to play "name that tune." It was among one of the more hilarious games played with a group of MK's and young adults. A couple days later a few girls and I were driving by HBR and saw that all of our pumpkins were still on display on the dorm steps. We decided to play a mini prank and steal 4 out of the 14 pumpkins to display at our dorm. This may seem harmless since there were 14 total pumpkins and we brought them anyway, right? Well, that is thinking from my female perspective which is very different than having 28 boys witness you take 4 of THEIR pumpkins. The guys apparently got pretty riled up and later that night we had a surprise attack on our dorm where the pumpkins were smashed and pumpkin goo was spread all around. Luckily, HBR came to help clean up and like gentlemen, later on in the week came over dressed in ties with a cake in hand and sang "stand by me" to our dorm. Lesson for the weekend: never pretend to steal anything when there is testosterone involved.

1 of the 6 crates of pumpkins we bought

This is a typical pumpkin stand alongside the roads in Germany

Major concentration in pumpkin carving (this was the winning team!)

Carving out the pumpkin

Picking up the larger pieces of the mess after the guys came

Luke is surveying the damage from the inside where it is safe and smell free

HBR with their cake, ties, and amazing singing skills....apology accepted

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