Friday, October 16

Before and After

This is our new tv room that I talked about in our last post. I finally found our "before" pictures so I thought that would help show just how much work went into this room. This is where we have weekend movie times and our dorm fellowships on Sunday evenings. It is proving to be a cozy place to be now that the weather has turned to fall!

The new tv that Doug and Priscilla donated to the dorm. The girls love it!

The green couch in the corner was found in spermull. There are a few days a year where you can put anything out on the corner of the street and the city picks it up and trashes it for you. We rescued this gem of a velour couch and it is a great addition to the room. Some may say 70's, I say awesome.

Mixing the cauldron of gray took two of these to paint the room.

Lizzy and Bonnie working hard!

Vacuuming up the bugs....look at that face!

Notice the floor to ceiling furniture. This was AFTER we cleaned out the room. You couldn't even walk in it before we attacked the mess.

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