Friday, January 23

August feels so long ago....

It feels strange to say this foreign land feels like home now. We have our daily routines and relationships with the staff, students and neighbors. When I wake up I still want to crawl back into bed, so the newness has definitely "worn off." Then it hits me, we've only been here for 6 months! In the grand scheme of things...that is a pretty short amount of time. I think it's safe to say that for almost anyone that starts a new job, when the second half of the year comes around things just seem to be a bit easier. I am feeling more inspired in my job and more inspired in my relationship with the students we're surrounded by. I think I've gained a new appreciation for how life ebbs and flows here. Luke and I started going to a study with a few other couples and one of the women defined the students we work with as "at risk students." By looking at the students we work with day in and day out, that description doesn't seem to fit. I've seen some kids who fit that description to a T back in the states. As I thought about it more I began to agree with her definition. The students at BFA are without their families, are in a culture completely unfamiliar to what they have grown up in, and they are surrounded by the allure of fitting into the "American culture." 65% of the students at BFA will end up going into some sort of ministry related career. To say these students are not a target for evil would be denying the spiritual battle that is going on in our midst. These thoughts have brought me to a place in the last few weeks where I am praying specifically for the students I connect with and trying to react slower to the allure of being busy all the time. Like Luke said, we continue to feed off the prayers of all of you supporting us as we are here. I see encouraging changes happening in these kids lives and THAT is what helps me get out of bed in the morning =)

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