Friday, January 23

Back in Full Swing

Life is back to normal, whatever that means, now that school's back in session and has been for two weeks. Our schedule has returned to the way it was before with Geezer Ball (adult basketball) on Monday nights, Small Groups on Wednesday nights, and dorm subbing on Thursday nights. Once Friday roles around we're ready for a break. The good thing is we're glad to be back. We missed the kids. I missed my small group guys and it appears as they missed us also. I might be deluding myself a bit, but that's OK.

I've really enjoyed getting back into Small Groups. The guys seems more invested this semester and they seem up for tackling some deeper stuff. I wouldn't have traded last semester for anything. I really liked the way it worked out and am thankful God took it in the direction he did. There was some discussion of deeper things, but it was largely a time to goof off and in the process become comfortable with me and each other. It appears to have worked and the guys are primed for something more.

We'll be reading a book together this semester. I made it clear that goofing off was always going to be an integral part of our group, but for a few minutes every Wednesday we're going to challenge each other and ask some harder questions. The book we're tackling in called "Blue Like Jazz" and I'm sure most have heard of it or read it. I going with it because its a little non-traditional. The book challenges the reader's perception of God. It encourages the reader to try and see God through their own eyes without the scaffolding erected by parents or teachers or pastors they've previously relied upon. To push us towards peronally identifying with nature of Jesus and his character. I believe this is a process all Christians must come to. Especially those who have grown up in Christianity.

I ask you keep my guys in your prayers. That God will lead our discussion and interactions.

I appreaciate it.


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M.E. said...

Thanks for the things you shared with us in devotions this week. Greatly appreciated!!