Friday, January 2

Christmas With the Family.

I'm sitting here in the home of the Ingrams, the family of two Students Stephanie and I work with at Black Forest Academy, and its one of the first times I've sat still in, well, what seems like a long time. My family flew out yesterday. It was a great visit. All four of them were here for 9 days and it was pretty non-stop. We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas in the little town of Kandern where we live. We drove around and showed them the school and dorms. It was fun for them to be able to see our lives up close. We then drove south in their big rented diesel van to Lake Geneva in Switzerland. It was absolutely one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. The Alps seem to jut up out of the lake and the view is nothing less then majestic. We relaxed, had good food, and just enjoyed each other. After two days there we made the move to Paris. A longer drive then expected, but worth it. We stayed in an apartment in a Paris suburb and took the train into the city in the morning. The city is a little overwhelming. The crowds were pretty nuts. We didn't get into everything we wanted to, but it was amazing just to be able to see all of these things you hear about. The atmosphere was amazing and the food was even better. Each night we ate in the Latin Quarter and had amazing meals each time. The conversation and laugher was intense, as might be expected from the Welbourn clan, but it all feel good and familiar. On the last day we drove to Frankfurt where they would fly out the next day and we would take a train south to where we are now and get ready for our next little adventure. I'll make sure to tell you all about it.

I have a few New Year resolutions. One is to be more consistent with the BLOG. I really enjoying utilizing it, but finding the time has been tough. Not an excuse. It will be a priority in the new year. So please come back and read. We miss you all and hope you all have an amazing new year. Blessings.


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